Affordable Solutions

In the real world, IT Departments don’t have unlimited budget to track and manage their assets. That’s why we always keep our solutions practically priced.

Not IBM, Not HP

The difference between the story of David and Goliath and the story of AssetGurus is that while we may be smaller, we’re not the underdog. We’ve consistently outbid and outperformed the big dogs precisely because they’re too cumbersome and bureaucratic to deliver the industry-specific value that customers demand.

These technology conglomerates are built around high-powered sales teams taking hefty commissions and passing the contract on to overwhelmed and over-scheduled analysts, who often aren’t even specialized in Asset Management. AssetGurus is a tightly focused, flat organization that is committed to juxtaposing the price-gouging of our competitors with low-cost, low-risk solutions that are simple and can be implemented today.

Accurate Inventory Counting Services

The most important component of the value that we bring to our customers is data accuracy. There is no sense in utilizing inventory counting services only to find that they’re unreliable. In the end, asset data is used to make business decisions, and if the data can’t be relied upon, the decisions can’t be made.

Demand guaranteed accuracy from your IT assets inventory vendors. AssetGurus is able to offer accuracy guarantees at the highest level on our inventory counting services, audit, repository refresh, and reconciliation work through judicious use of spot-checking, internal analysis, and data normalization. If other vendors aren’t talking about this, it’s because they don’t know how to do it.

Affordable IT Assets Inventory

There are a lot of solutions geared towards IT assets inventory out there. But not every organization has $1 million to outlay on an ERP system. Most firms are dealing with tightening IT budgets that have to stretch to cover an ever-expanding list of priorities. We understand that IT Asset Management still needs to be done, no matter the budget.

That’s why we’ve designed our suite of products and services to be achievable on almost any budget. The biggest mistake that firms make is to do nothing because they can’t afford to do everything. AssetGurus has always recommended a tiered approach to managing assets, starting with the most usable and cost-effective methods of data-collection, and then expanding beyond once some success has been achieved. If you need help getting the ball rolling, get in touch with us by clicking HERE.