20 Years Experience

In IT Asset Management, industry experience matters. You need to know that your vendor has been there a thousand times before. AssetGurus has.

Decades of Experience

Our team has operated in the IT Asset Management industry for over 20 years. Our roots reach back to the earliest days of asset tracking, when IT Departments were mere novelties. Now, they’re the lifeblood of an organization’s productivity, and rely on a technology inventory template to manage their lifecycles.

Our entry into IT Asset Management was in the early 90’s, as a services inventory firm catering to the needs of banks and other large-scale institutions. These companies were having trouble managing their quickly expanding fleets of computer equipment deployed throughout the enterprise. In this primordial era before robust repositories and scanning technologies, we developed custom-built business-processes to deliver low-cost inventories to our customers.

Low-Cost Inventory Technology Template

As the Fixed Asset Management industry solidified, it became imperative for firms keep costs manageable. As we moved from clipboards to handheld barcode-scanners to server-based asset repositories to ERPs, our central mission remained the same: deliver a low-cost technology inventory template that eases the customer’s pain.

This customer-centric focus worked, and we attracted some of the biggest names in the Fortune 500, as well as a host of mid-to-large sized organizations that knew they had IT Asset Management problems, but didn’t know how to handle them. We also attracted talent, and what was once a small operation now has roles carved out for analysts, software developers, and business-process-designers. And, of course, our entire business is built on those in the field that feed data into the software asset register: our auditors.

Software Asset Register Experience

AssetGurus is not IBM. We’re not HP. IT Asset Management is our sole business, and when dealing with us, you will be dealing with real people at the end of a phone-line, in a meeting, or on-site. We believe that professionalism in this industry means delivering working solutions to customers at low costs, without hassle or delay.

Our team-members are hand-picked because they are experienced filling a software asset register with accurate data. We believe we can lower costs for our customers by addressing their pain head-on, with the full capabilities of our organization. We are greedy for professional experience, and that philosophy has allowed us to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing industry for over 20 years.