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Need advice on your IT Asset Management project? We’ll deploy our 20 years of expertise, free of charge, so you can start your project on the right foot.

They Call Us Gurus for a Reason

With 20 years of hands-on experience in IT Asset Management, we’ve seen scores of projects fail to get off the ground due to lack of preparation. ITAM is hard, requires specific knowledge, and takes time. A little preparation when creating your asset inventory template goes a long way.

One of the reasons we’ve been so successful in this business is because we embrace organizations that are just starting out, free of charge. If you have questions, we can answer them. Often times, a simple explanation of industry best-practices can save hours of frustration, either in research-time, or in time spent fixing errors after the fact. No matter the size of your organization, asset management tools don’t have to be frustrating. Click HERE to get in touch with us.

Asset Management Tools

Firms often reach out to us and ask for our opinions on the various software solutions for IT Asset Management, and what we recommend. This is very wise, as the wrong decision can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and result in a tool that isn’t used because it isn’t understood.

There are so many asset management tools, all stratified for different organizational sizes and needs, that it’s hard to know where to put your money even after budget has been put aside for a solution. If you want to strategize with our experts at no cost to you, or if you wish to understand the constellation of ITAM solutions, click HERE and get in touch with us.

A Holistic Asset Inventory Template

There are no silver bullet to creating an effective asset inventory template, only silver-coated bullets. Vendors will go to great lengths to sell you on the newest integrated software template. You will be assured that you will never have to set foot near your PC fleet again. This is simply not true. The most tech-savvy corporations on the planet still do physical inventories, because there is no other way.

Our Gurus have found that the best approach is always a tiered approach, meaning that to ensure success, an Asset Management initiative must be nurtured from a seedling stage, and grown over time. The failure-point for these projects is usually the intersection of new, purpose-bought software, and end-users that don’t have advanced computing skills. By slowly introducing the business-processes that drive data-collection, and marrying that with regular physical-audits to check for repository-accuracy, we’ve found that data-integrity can be guaranteed at the highest level, even for organizations just starting their ITAM projects. But there is no magic bullet. For more information about creating a holistic asset inventory template, click HERE.