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IT Asset Tracking
Track each of your enterprise's high-value assets with cheap, durable barcode stickers. Your competitors track theirs.
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AssetGurus provides IT inventory, barcode-based fixed asset management
implementations, database reconciliation, and compliance services.

We leverage 20 years of ITAM experience to satisfy some of the most requirements-intensive enterprises on the planet.



"For 12 years, we've worked with AssetGurus to track and manage 100,000+ IT assets. They have been consistently on-time and on-budget. With AssetGurus' help, we've been able to effectively manage our asset fleet. "

Elena Rodriguez, LA County Materials Management

"AssetGurus inventoried 15,000 assets in 2 weeks, with zero issues. We were very impressed with the technology employed, how professional the on-site team was, and their ability to operate in high-security hospital environments."

Elizabeth Armstrong, Ohio Health

"AssetGurus is our go-to fixer for inventory, ITAM software, and barcode labels. We've enjoyed 7 years of excellent services. We got a lot of benefit from their best practices implementation for our server environment."

Mark Paz, Project Manager


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Video 1 of 3 for a wide-ranging interview with AssetGurus’ CEO and Founder, Kevin McGrew. Kevin answers questions about Inventory companies, IT Asset Management, Inventory best-practices, and compliance issues in the rapidly changing industry. Interview Transcript Interviewer: Hi welcome to the show. Joining us today is Kevin McGrew, CEO and co-founder of Asset Gurus an […]

Plugging the Dam: Laptop anti theft

The FBI Computer Crime Security Survey1 found that the average theft of a laptop from a business cost that business $31,975, outstripping the value of the IT asset itself by an order of magnitude.  Laptops and other mobile,  easily transported IT assets are particularly vulnerable to opportunists.  Due to the increasing ubiquity of these devices […]

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Datasource Reconciliation

Using our IT Inventory template, we build custom reporting models out of disperate datasets for complete compliance.

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IT Inventory Template

AssetGurus utalizes proprietary technology to offer the lowest audit and IT inventory template deployment costs in the industry, guaranteed.

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Information Technology Inventory

For those working in information technology inventory, AssetGurus offers lucrative opportunities to to help expand our offerings.

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