Cost-lowering Software

We’ve worked to develop several pieces of technology, that are wholly unique to AssetGurus, to lower costs, increase speed, and organize the flow of data in the enterprise.

Cost-Lowering Scan-Routines

The central costs in audits, wall-to-wall inventories, and repository refreshes is the physical scanning of barcodes with handheld scanners. This is the bottleneck for getting fresh data into the enterprise, and we’ve worked with every hardware and software combination available for this purpose.

To address what we saw as a critical gap in the marketplace, we chose the fastest scanner available and wrote a proprietary software routine to speed up the scanning process even further. In addition to speed, we added several features that guaranteed accuracy and helped on-site auditors better complete their duties. This technology is one of the reasons we’re able to offer such low prices on our inventory services: because we’re faster than the competition by a factor of 5 or more.

IT Asset Audit and Analysis

Our in-house analysts are the best in the business, and they are facilitated by customized database software they use to tune and connect datasources. There is no limit to what can be done with a wide set of linkable datasources, and with an AssetGurus IT asset audit, the data you’re reconciling is always reliable.

In a recent case, we were approached by a leading search organization (no, not that one) and connected up 10 disparate databases, including their General Ledger. The reconciliation was so strong that they were able to submit our deliverable to tax inspectors, and were refunded over $2.5 million. We are not limited in scope for reconciliation projects, and if datasources are weakly matched, we have manual matching processes that can be applied to squeeze additional connectivity out of any dataset. These reconciliations do can be done without an IT asset audit, using existing datasources.

Inventory Taking Companies’ Processes

It’s incumbent upon enterprises to be organized, and good business process design is a hallmark of a well-organized firm. The processes utilized by inventory taking companies can often act as a model for the enterprise, as lower costs for our customers are achieved by perfecting the RECEIVE/DEPLOY/MOVE/DISPOSE operations.

AssetGurus has worked extensively with business process design, and has compartmentalized the asset lifecycle to help organize our customers. We offer a range of templates, customizable with the specific fields to be collected, for all major business functions. These simple templates can be combined with our other services to create a Blackbox Asset Management system that your firm barely has to interact with at all. Unlike other inventory taking companies, our clients collaborate with us to keep their ITAM tasks optimized long after we’re off-site. For more information about or business process design packages, click HERE.